The World's First Water Filter For Pennies, Not Dollars

Folia Filters

What is the Folia Water Filter?

The Folia Water Filter is antimicrobial filter paper containing silver nanoparticles that kill bacteria and viruses and it filters out iron, dirt, and larger parasites.

One filter provides 20L of safe, germ-free water.

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Using the Filter

Step-by-Step Guide

No heat required, no pump required, no electricity required. This minimizes the consumer's costs and behavior changes needed.

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Safe & Effective

A single filter provides 20L of safe, germ-free water

Folia Water enables parents to gain control over their family’s health. With Folia Water Filters, mothers have agency over their access to safe germ-free water, thriving in their role as health officers of the family for a better future.

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Business Model

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The world's first water filter that costs pennies, not dollars: the next $1B staple.
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